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Unlocking Value: Building a Top-Tier NGB

IPG360 helped elevate USA Triathlon to one of the most prestigious organizations within the USOC, facilitating multiple record-breaking partnerships along the way. IPG360 focused on the strength of USA Triathlon’s audience and its nature of mobility and wellness to develop a completely new narrative and value proposition for prospective partners.

IPG360 utilized its studio model to repackage USA Triathlon’s commercial offerings through a detailed valuation of the property’s assets, provided state of the art sales collateral and developed a Founding Partner hierarchy. This approach delivered meaningful results immediately as Toyota,, and Hand & Stone entered into partnerships with USA Triathlon. Specific to Toyota, the brand selected USA Triathlon as a business partner over numerous other NGB’s to become the first-ever Founding Partner and the biggest cash sponsor in USA Triathlon history.


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