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Game Changing Partnership Valuation Software

Innovative Partnerships Group’s “IPG360 Valua+or” is a state-of-the-art, proprietary platform developed by world-renowned experts in the field of marketing analytics, behavioral psychology and sponsorship and naming rights that allows us to create win-win scenarios and generate revenue for all sides of naming rights partnerships.

The IPG360 Valua+or combines two breakthrough tools—the Property Valua+or and the Brand Valua+or. The Property Valua+or includes a database of 100+ characteristics and over 300+ sports and entertainment properties while the Brand Valua+or provides estimates of the financial value of the impact naming rights and sponsorships as part of the larger marketing spend. The next-generation tool is built on data from 2/3 of the Fortune 50 and optimizes the right mix of partnership assets, making it the single most influential valuation system in the world.

The Valua+or software has been utilized by clients across prestige leagues including MLB and MLS, in addition to Municipalities, Entertainment properties, and USA Olympic platforms to close record breaking deals. Our Valua+or will continue to be a key differentiator in the future growth of our one-of-a-kind company.

IPG360 developed our very own Digital Asset Library, a fully tagged and searchable digital database of our next-generation concepts and asset imagery across all properties in an effort to expedite the sales cycle for initial outreach, presentations, proposals and contracts.

IPG360 also created our proprietary Partner Portal Sites, a state-of-the-art web delivery system to create customized “data rooms” for clients and prospects to consume all of the deliverables that are part of a long-term sponsorship or naming rights process including digital e-books, sizzle reels, valuation reports, ROI models, presentations, proposals, LOIs, Contracts, COE Documents and all other appropriate information. IPG360 now has over 150 customized partner portal sites developed for clients and prospects and they have been a game-changer in executing more sponsorship and naming rights deals.


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