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The Pro Football Hall of Fame set their sights on a mixed use project which served as an expansion project adjacent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame located in Canton, Ohio. Creating over 13,000 jobs and expecting over 6 million visitors a year, the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s mission is to honor heroes, preserve history, promote values and celebrate excellence.


Through the development process, the Pro Football Hall of Fame was looking for new ways outside of the traditional avenues of debt and equity to bring capital into the project.


The 130-year old Fortune 70 company viewed this development as an opportunity to not only integrate their product, but to use this as a global showroom. In formation of this partnership, Johnson Controls wanted to have a dedicated space within the Village program to use it as a global showroom. They also embedded their solutions throughout the development and in specific buildings throughout the first phase.


Through naming rights partner Johnson Controls and other corporate partnerships, the Pro Football Hall of Fame secured over $150 million dollars in funding. They then worked with Goldman Sachs to underwrite the long-term COI catalyst for Phase 2.


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