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UC San Diego, a top 10 public university in the nation, serves as one of the most prestigious properties in Southern California. Already having world-class education, UC San Diego is set to join the Division I ranks in athletics after strong success in Division 2. The university has been enrolled into the iPG360 University Partnership Program (UPP) to understand their campus valuation and build a go-to market strategy. IPG360 has gone through a deep analysis of the property using the proprietary Property Valua+or to empower UC San Diego with the intelligence and analytics to build long-term partnerships.


Sponsorships on a college campus are usually limited to just the athletic department. How do you work across an entire campus to bring meaningful partnerships to the university as a whole, while providing new revenue streams?


To create a true University Partnership Program, IPG360 performed an extensive 3-month long valuation study to identify and understand the value of the campus from a partnership standpoint. This process included conducting 40+ interviews across all departments and divisions to identify current and new assets to include in the valuation report.


IPG360 performed a valuation on over 1,300 university assets. This analysis provided the Chancellor and the university with a lense to better understand partnership value across the university and department wide. In addition, we were able to provide a detailed commercial sales strategy and partnership hierarchy to monetize going forward and implement as we begin a commercial sales Pilot Study for the university across select categories.


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