First Annual Sponsorship Survey 
for the Healthcare Industry
Health Care Survey 2024 Updated

Thank you for participating in the Inaugural Sponsorship and Naming Rights Study for the Healthcare Industry.

Recently the healthcare industry has been one of the most popular categories for properties to target for sponsorships, while offering an array of benefits to the participating healthcare companies. As a key decision-maker for your organization, you have been chosen to participate in this first-of-its-kind national Sponsorship & Naming Rights study directed specifically at the healthcare industry. The purpose of the study is to collect real-time data and create an impactful report focusing on current industry trends, sentiment, and best practices, which can help you leverage your long-term sponsorships and naming rights partnerships.


This survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.


We hold your data in the strictest confidence as third-party stewards of your information. At no time will individual attributions be made to any of the data. We will only provide summary results in averages and percentiles based on the appropriate sample size to ensure it is statistically valid. The purpose of the study is for you to provide real time data which will not be disclosed to any other party.

The data will be used in the development of a sponsorship market research data report and participants will be provided with a complimentary full-version report.

Benefits to Participants

  • Complimentary report of findings
  • Access to a sponsorship consulting resource who will follow up on responses and create an open dialogue for Q&A
  • Insights that can improve long-term sponsorship/naming rights impact
  • Comprehensive results that are both qualitative and quantitative
  • Understanding direct/indirect medical services/barter relief vs. cash investments
  • Custom data sets (provided by request)

This questionnaire has been reviewed by a Steering Committee made up of executives from a select group of health care companies in order to ensure accuracy, relevance, and ability to make an impact for those participating.

Optional: Supplemental Deal Benchmarking Analysis

There is an optional supplemental benchmarking analysis that asks for deal level information at the end of the survey. The individual deal information will be kept in the strictest of confidence and will be assembled into a supplemental report for those participants.

About Innovative Partnerships Group

Innovative Partnerships Group (IPG) is recognized as one of the top sponsorship and naming rights agencies in the United States, specializing in sponsorship, valuation and measurement, consulting, and business development representation.

IPG has vast experience in many industries, including healthcare.We have a specialized healthcare division with over 30+ years of medical executive leadership to understand the challenges and opportunities facing hospitals and health systems in this changing industry landscape.

As an established leader in valuation and analytics, we have performed numerous naming rights and sponsorship valuations—while also representing clients to execute partnership deals.

Our team of consultants leverage our proprietary research and insights tools in our work with global rights holders, sports & entertainment properties, and mixed-use developments to accurately assess the true value of their partnerships and to execute long-term partnerships. We understand how to evaluate the effectiveness and return on sponsorship for a brand, through our discovery (i.e., surveying) of brand characteristics, brand strategy, internal goals and initiatives, top KPIs, and best practices for the industry category.

For this study, IPG serves as the third-party administrator of the inaugural “Sponsorship and Naming Rights Survey for the Healthcare Industry.” As stewards of the survey, IPG will hold your data in the strictest confidence.

About Partnership IntelligenceTM

IPG has developed a proprietary system for evaluating, measuring, and working with prestigious properties and brands to evaluate and secure long-term naming rights. Our Partnership Intelligence™ is rooted in intellectual property and asset creation, valuation and analytics, and automated software tools, with a focus on revenue generation and return for sponsors. 

IPG is applying these understandings to create a new core component of its Partnership Intelligence™ system—Data Insights & Reporting. IPG will aggregate the data and feedback from the healthcare category in sponsorship to provide reports on industry trends and best practices. This will be provided to you at no cost for use to further develop and enhance your sponsorship strategy.

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Contact Information

Company/Organization Overview

Sponsorship Overview

Professional Team/Franchise
National Governing Body
Collegiate (Universities)
Collegiate (Conferences)
University Partnership (non-sports)
Student Body
Alumni Association
Amusement Park
Water Park
Golf Course
Festival (non-music)
Music Festival
Food & Beverage
State Fair
Award Show
Golf Tournament
Auto Show
Film Festival
Sports District
Entertainment District
Mixed-use District
Hotels & Resorts
Business District
Retail Center
Parks & Recreation
Transit Centers
Convention Centers
School District
Community Program

Direct Business Included in Partnerships

Marketing Strategy & Media Mix

Including Sponsorships

Out-of-Home (Signage)
On-site marketing
Database/email marketing
Membership benefits
Brand ambassadors/influencers
Acquired content (city signage, city marketing rights)
Human capital (recruiting, training, rewards and recognition, employee engagement)
Corporate social responsibility (charitable, community, sustainability programs)
Direct business (healthcare services providing contractually obligated revenue)
Indirect business (new lead generation supported by partner, networking, etc.)
Category exclusivity
Official designation (non-exclusive)

Non-Media | Programs and Platforms
Intellectual Property

How would you ideally like to see your sponsorship budget allocated? (percentages of 5, adding up to 100): 


Marketing Strategy & Media Mix cont.

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
Traditional media advertising is highly effective for my company.
Sponsorships are highly effective for my company, providing a significant ROI.
I am satisfied with the size of my current sponsorship portfolio.
I am actively looking to add sponsorships to my current portfolio.
Sponsorships have helped our company increase patient visits.
Sponsorships have helped our company increase revenue.
Sponsorships have increased internal morale through our assets (e.g., tickets, hospitality, team building events, etc.). 
We have effectively used hospitality and events to gain business with current and prospective clients.
We have effectively used hospitality and events to increase business with other partners of the properties we sponsor.
Sponsorships enhance our company's charitable platforms and/or other community and fundraising goals.
Sponsorships enhance the company’s DEI initiatives.
Sponsorships enhance the company’s CSR initiatives.
Sponsorships have provided the company with an increased brand lift in positive brand value/awareness via association with our property(ies).
Appropriate metrics and methodology is used to properly measure the success of my sponsorships.
Sponsorships enhance our value proposition for patients.

Sponsorship Effectiveness

Brand awareness
Business development
Employee engagement
Community give-back/involvement
Product penetration/growth

Employee engagement
Hospitality & experiences
Brand awareness
Brand equity boost from property association
Drive patient vists growth
Employee rewards and recognition
Gain a competitive edge
Increase market share
Employee recruitment & retention
Direct business 
(i.e., the property uses our health care services)

TV-visible signage
Non TV-visible signage
TV commercial/billboard/banners
TV broadcast placement
Social media
Database/email marketing
Membership benefits
Employee benefits
Brand ambassadors/influencers
Community giveback/investments
Custom/original content
Business development programs
On-site activation
VIP experiences
Direct healthcare services

Sponsorship Impact

Approximately what percentage of patient-facing employees are:

Sponsorship Activation & Measurement

Has your sponsorship portfolio helped achieve greater revenue/market share?

Consultant / activation firm
ROI modeling
In-house recap
Year-end sponsorship report (provided by property)
Third-party media measurement tool (e.g., Nielsen)
Total media impressions
Paid media impressions
Digital impressions
Brand impressions (PR, signage)
Lead generation
Employee engagement
Event attendees
Database marketing (open rates, click thru rates)
Social media engagements

Naming Rights and High Value Entitlements

Increase brand awareness
Develop positive brand association with the property
Create a local community connection
Drive revenue/growth
Ability to provide healthcare services
Ability to provide on-site medical services

Healthcare services
On-site medical services
Senior care services
Nursing care services
Home health services
Psychiatric services

Future of healthcare

Identify and capture new and emerging markets/demographics
Create new ways to engage the community
Engage through community clinics and programs
Create areas of static branding and permanent ownership
Establish year-round ticket opportunities
Establish on-site healthcare services
Develop an activation scorecard to better measure my partnership

Optional: Supplemental Deal Benchmarking Analysis

The optional supplemental benchmarking analysis asks for deal level information. This information will be kept in the strictest of confidence and will be assembled into a supplemental report for those who respond. If you would prefer to submit the survey and provide the deal-specific information later, you may submit the survey now and we will follow up with you via email.

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