Innovation Studios

Innovative Partnerships Group is comprised of four studios that collaborate on executing long-term naming rights and sponsorships. These studios are also available to provide bespoke services for clients as needs arise.

Consultative Business Development

By design, Innovative Partnerships Group is a sales agency with no sales force. Our business development consultants are solution oriented and understand the nuances of executing naming rights and sponsorships – from sourcing to negotiating long-term partnerships. Innovative Partnerships Group deploys the industry’s top talent in support of our clients.
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Valuation & Consulting

Our team of consultants, data analysts, and marketing scientists leverage advanced modeling tools and our proprietary Partnership Intelligence™ software to evaluate the potential return on investment from the brand perspective while ensuring the property and brand develop a truly “win-win” partnership for naming rights and sponsorships.
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Creative Solutions

Innovative Partnerships Group built an in-house, full-service creative agency of industry-leading storytellers and artisans that connect brands with naming rights and sponsorships opportunities. The creative team leverages its proprietary digital asset library of naming rights and sponsorship assets across hundreds of industry categories and tens of thousands of custom images.
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IP & Asset Creation

Innovative Partnerships Group has become known for its in-house, cross-disciplinary “think tank” that develops novel concepts, platforms, programs, and other next-generation assets to drive additional value to clients while fitting perfectly with the partner brand’s business objectives.
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