IP & Asset Creation

Creating immersive experiences, activation zones, video content, showrooms and business development and recruitment centers to increase value for properties and partners.
Innovative Partnerships Group works with property rights holders and brands to create new assets and unlock value. Our extensive digital asset library, which spans across 250+ industry categories, allows our consultants and creative teams to build innovative programs, platforms, and assets beyond traditional sponsorship and naming rights inventory.

Creating the Optimal Partnership Package

Understanding that sponsorships are unique marketing mediums allows our experts to build the optimal partnership package that includes new media assets and unique revenue generating programs. Our asset classes include key business drivers (e.g., Human Capital, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Cause & Social Responsibility, Event Marketing, Data Analytics Capturing, Innovation, R&D). These programs unlock sponsorship and naming rights value to supplement and optimize your existing marketing budgets.
A proprietary platform that houses our concept imagery, presentations, and business development documents all in one location, searchable by Industry, sub-industry, platforms, assets and keywords. Thousands of files at our fingertips that enable us to curate polished, customized deliverables to our clients in hours versus the conventional timeline of weeks.





Sample Industry Categories





Our 4 Innovation Studios
Our company is made up of four full-service studios that can work independently or together depending on the breadth of our clients' needs.
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