Valuation & Consulting

A team of consultants, data analysts, and marketing scientists working with modeling tools and Innovative Partnership Group’s proprietary Partnership Intelligence™ software system to realize the true market value of partnerships and revenue potential for both brands and properties.
Innovative Partnerships Group’s Partnership Intelligence™ system is made up of a series of proprietary data analytics software tools. The core of the Partnership Intelligence™ system is the Innovative Partnerships Group Valua+or™ which is a suite of two hyper-intelligent systems providing comprehensive measurements of the financial value of naming rights and sponsorships for both property rights holders and brands. Built upon 15 years of media from 2/3 of the Fortune 50, and world-renowned marketing scientists, the Valua+or™ is the single most influential valuation system for optimizing the right mix of partnership assets.

Brand Valuation

With a deep understanding of naming rights, sponsorship strategy, and media mix valuation of assets, Innovative Partnerships Group developed the Brand Valua+or™ as the leading tool in our Partnership Intelligence™ system. This automated system allows brands to optimize the perfect mix of media and non-media naming rights and sponsorship assets to determine the highest return on their investment. The system includes an optional Brand Analyzer™ to accurately quantify the brand lift generated through a sponsorship.


  • Brand Lift Analyzer
  • Media Mix Optimization
  • Category Optimization
  • New Asset Value Creation
  • Naming Rights and Sponsorship Brand Fit Analysis
  • Naming Rights and Sponsorship Valuations
  • ROI and Revenue Impact Modeling

Property Valuation

Through our work with prestige properties, we utilize our proprietary Property Valua+or™ as a tool in our Partnership Intelligence™ system to accurately quantify the asset value of naming rights and sponsorships across three distinct areas of measurement: media value, programs and platforms value, and revenue potential for a brand.
  • Venue Naming Rights Valuations
  • Jersey Naming Rights Valuations
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Fit Analysis
  • Partnership Hierarchy
  • Category Optimization
  • B2B & B2C Revenue Modeling
The Innovative Partnerships Group Valua+or™ is a suite of two hyper-intelligent tools providing comprehensive estimates of the financial value of naming rights and sponsorships. Built upon 12 years of media from 2/3 of the Fortune 50, and world-renowned marketing scientists, Valua+or™ is the single most influential valuation system optimizing the right mix of partnership assets.
The Brand Valua+or optimizes the partnership assets based on strategic fit to deliver long-term revenue potential for BOTH Brands and Properties
Brand Lift Analyzer, Media Mix Optimization, Category Optimization, New Asset Value Creation, Brand Fit Analysis, Naming Rights and Sponsorship Valuations, ROI Modeling
Optimizes a brand’s marketing media spend based on the analytics of industry categories and media touchpoints.
Provides customized brand fit for over 1,000 sponsorable properties. Then optimizes that spend based on brand association with a partnering property.
The Property Valua+or Maximizes the long-term revenue potential of a Property’s assets based on industry-specific categories and 18 proprietary value influencer
Client is indexed against a proprietary database of over 1,000 properties.
Provides a valuation of over 25 media and non-media asset classes based on industry, geography, and partnership term.
A valuation system that empowers sales teams with the intelligence and analytics to sell long-term naming rights and sponsorships.

System Architects

Our Partnership Intelligence™ system was developed by world-renowned experts in the field of Marketing Analytics, Behavioral Psychology, and industry leaders.

Jon Vein

Co-founder and CEO of MarketShare , a global leader in marketing analytics

Dr. Dominique Hanssens

World-renowned Marketing Scientist, expert in long-term business performance for the Fortune 500

Dr. Marnik Dekimpe

Global research Professor and Head of the Marketing Department at Tilburg University

Jeff Marks

Sports business executive with over twenty years of experience working with C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies

IPG360 Brand Lift Analyzer

Our proprietary Brand Lift Analyzer quantifies the impact on a transfer of brand equity through two lenses: the qualitative and quantitative factors that impact an increase in brand equity. Through our proprietary system, we are able to accurately measure the brand lift by measuring variables across both the brand and partnering property.
Our 4 Innovation Studios
Our company is made up of four full-service studios that can work independently or together depending on the breadth of our clients' needs.
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