CEO Jeff Marks Weighs in on Shake Shack at Dodgers Stadium

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A new Shake Shack has opened inside of Dodgers Stadium and many Californians are asking themselves: Why not In-N-Out? In-N-Out is an LA staple while Shake Shack has it's origins in NYC.

The LA Times dug a little deeper on this question, and in doing so, found that In-N-Out has a reputation for not opening locations inside of sports venues. According to a quote from In-N-Out COO Denny Warwick: "Sponsorship of a major sports team, stadium or arena, isn’t a strategy that we have chosen to take advantage of."

If that doesn't sound definitive enough, LA Times spoke to Innovative Partnerships Group CEO Jeff Marks to get his take on the situation, who said that he doesn't pursue In-N-Out for partnerships at all.

“I haven’t called them in 10 years,” Marks said.

According to Marks, sports teams, the Dodgers included, would want to include the concession rights in a broader sponsorship deal that could include broadcast advertisements, social media promotions, stadium signage, hospitality suites and more. He said such deals typically cover multiple years and cost six or seven figures.

He said some restaurants fret over quality control in a ballpark setting. And, even as fans expect to pay a premium for ballpark food, Marks said some restaurants worry about negative reaction from consumers.

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