With our proprietary Partnership Intelligence™ System, Innovative Partnerships Group has a proven track record in ensuring our brand clients maximize the value in their partnership deals.


We work with top global brands who are seeking a more innovative way of measuring the effectiveness and return on their partnership investments. Whether a brand is looking for assistance in negotiating or evaluating an Olympic partnership, top-tier league deal, venue or jersey naming rights or any level of sponsorship, our Valuation & Consulting team — made up of MBAs, marketing scientists, analysts and think tank advisors — are available to assess, build, and recommend the optimal partnership framework/package.
Innovative Partnerships Group’s proprietary Partnership Intelligence™ system provides the most comprehensive 360 perspective on how brands should evaluate, measure and value naming rights, sponsorships and B2B partnerships. Innovative Partnerships Group is recognized globally as one of the top agencies for its state-of-the-art multi-view process.

Brand Agency Services

What we can do for you:
  • 360 Evaluation of Sponsorship (Media, Programs/Platforms, IP and Revenue Potential)
  • Partnership Valuation Studies/Reports
  • Naming Rights (Venue and Jersey)
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Inventory Review & Package Optimization
  • High-Value Asset Development and Realignment
  • Media Mix Modeling-Optimizing Sponsorship Media Value
  • ROI Modeling
  • Lost Value Assessments
  • Annual Partnership Review and Scorecards
  • Mid & end of year evaluation measurement and reporting
  • Recommendations for deal optimization
  • Strategic Negotiation Support
  • Partnership Recap Reports
  • Naming Rights Checklist During Negotiations
  • BOD and C-Level Presentation Development
Innovative Partnerships Group's Brand Valua+or optimizes the partnership assets based on strategic fit to deliver long-term revenue potential for BOTH Brands and Properties
Optimizes a brand’s marketing media spend based on the analytics of over 200 industry categories and 10 media touchpoints.
Provides customized brand fit for over 1,000 sponsorable properties.
Then optimizes that spend based on brand association with a partnering property.

What We Do Differently

Our proprietary Partnership IntelligenceTM system examines not only the media value of sponsorships, but the programs and platforms that are integrated with those media assets to ascertain the highest value for brands. In addition our Brand Lyft AnalyzerTM assesses the IP value associated with sponsorship evaluations, including category optimization and designation, exclusivity and use of IP/Marks.

Partnership Intelligence is built to be highly customizable based on industry and a brand’s business objectives, but flexible enough to provide highly measurable and impactful results in a timely manner. Our goal is to ultimately uncover the “true value” of partnerships, leading to increased revenue potential for brands.

Brand Lift Analyzer

Our proprietary Brand Lift Analyzer quantifies the impact on a transfer of brand equity through two lenses: the qualitative and quantitative factors that impact an increase in brand equity. Through our proprietary system, we are able to accurately measure the brand lift by measuring variables across both the brand and partnering property.
Our 4 Innovation Studios
Our company is made up of four full-service studios that can work independently or together depending on the breadth of our clients' needs.
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