Hospitals’ Healthy Sponsorship Habits

As part of Innovative Partnerships Group’s new Data Insights & Reporting division, we recently launched a survey focusing on health systems and hospitals. We currently work with several health brands and have found that, despite the hundreds of healthcare system sponsorship deals, there is very little accurate information on trends and best practices in this sector. The healthcare industry has been one of the most popular categories for properties to target for sponsorships, while offering an array of benefits to the participating healthcare companies including direct business - on-field physicians, ambulatory care, in-arena first aid centers, etc. All survey participants will receive a complimentary and comprehensive report of the findings. If you are a health system or hospital and would like to participate, you can take the survey here.

The healthcare survey follows the success of our initial survey last year on sponsorship and naming rights in the credit union industry. The results of that survey provide meaningful benchmarking results, research and actionable insights to decision makers who support and influence future partnership marketing activities that had not been typically captured for this important industry sub-sector. For a look at the results, an executive summary of our credit union sponsorship survey is available. We plan to launch our second survey of the credit union industry in April.

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